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Video Surveillance System

Synchronized video and audio recording. Sound detector
Motion detector
Event analyzer. In case of emergency sends sms or e-mail notification
Task scheduler
Simultaneous archive view
Clients and servers network integration
Tilt-devices, analog and IP-cameras support
Plugged cameras automatic search
Remote control through the intranet or the Internet
Multilevel access control system

Video surveillance is an important security tool that can be deployed in practically any public area.

Weather your aim is to act proactively, anticipating and identifying potential risks, or to bring to justice during the investigative process, a key aspect of setting up a video surveillance system is to gain a complete situational awareness.

KODOS presents GLOBOSS as a simple, yet smart and cost-effective video surveillance solution. Discover its power and flexibility that meet a diverse range of video surveillance requirements.


  • As well as GLOBOSS supports a broad range of cameras and codecs: MPEG-4, JPEG, and H.264, the system records video/audio, using genuine video codec “Morsa”.
  • Being compatible with analog, USB- and IP-cameras, KODOS GLOBOSS allows to choose different video compression algorithms for each camera, stores locally and offers access to the data archive through the Internet.
  • GLOBOSS is the plug-and-play solution, it does not require an extensive configuration to deploy.
  • The system incorporates video surveillance and intellectual data processing.
  • Deinterlacing algorithm “Improve-S” delivers high quality image.
  • The system provides outstanding scalability, low-latency, and event-tagged video. Multilevel motion detector “Scan Move” can rule out visual disturbances like rain, snow and lighting changes.
  • Chances of false alarm are minimal. GLOBOSS software sifts out certain types of moving objects (people, vehicles and suchlike).
  • GLOBOSS possesses a powerful event analyzer with real-time SMS and e-mail alert.

KODOS offers a field-proven application, which ensures that all security processes — from recording to investigation — are under total control.