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Access control system

Time referenced event log
Unlimited distance between the controller and central server
Compatible with any access card
Operates through TCP/IP protocol
Controllers’ high noise immunity
Interference exclusion sync line for the readers at a short distance
Work time control module
Access card issue control
“Pass bureau” program
ERP-systems integration

The office security and the employee safety are supposed to be the highest priorities for any company. KODOS access control system gives our clients a complete sense of security.

Being one of the Russian leading manufacturers of access control systems, KODOS offers an extensive range of products: fail-safe controllers, foolproof system software, technically advanced access control readers.

Our equipment allows to build an access control system either for a single office or an enterprise with branches distributed around the country.

KODOS access control system provides automatic access control, unauthorized access prevention, employee and guest’s authorization, and security officer’s actions control. A growing suite of add-on software packages complements an extensive set of standard features, and allows the access control system to be customized to accommodate any client demands. System is intuitive and straightforward to administer.

System’s flexibility enables to establish access control with an optimum cost-to-functionality ratio at any facility. Clients are able to define system’s functionality independently, due to the modular structure of KODOS access control system. Later system upgrades don’t require equipment dismantling.