Integrated Security Systems

ISS KODOS blends access control system, CCTV KODOS GLOBOSS, intrusion, hold-up and fire alarm and number plate recognition systems within a single solution.

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Access Control

KODOS access control system gives our clients a complete sense of security, providing automatic access control, unauthorized access prevention, employee and guest’s authorization, and security officer’s actions control.

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Video Surveillance System GLOBOSS

KODOS presents GLOBOSS as a simple, yet smart and cost-effective video surveillance solution. Discover its power and flexibility that meet a diverse range of video surveillance requirements.

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Intrusion, Hold-up and Fire Alarm System

Intrusion and Fire Alarm System KODOS is the address modular security system. It effectively operates at objects of any scale and appointment and warns about unauthorized actions and ignition.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Units

HorPit units are designed to provide 12V power supply to any security hardware.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

KODOS-Auto system is used for automatic recognition of a vehicle registration plates and railcar numbers. ANPR captures a license plate using a specialized video camera, creates data records and loges the capture attributes.

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